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Related things

Sep 4, 2013: Sinfonia: a new paradigm for building scalable distributed systems, paper by Marcos K. Aguilera, Arif Merchant, Mehul Shah, Alistair Veitch, and Christos Karamanolis
Sinfonia presents a new abstraction for app- and system-level distributed programming, based on data-structures. Sinfonia and well-suited to be positioned on top of the circuit language runtime (if re-implemented) or the circuit operating system (as is).
May 20, 2013: What I wish systems researchers would work on: Article by Matt Welsh
Matt highlights outstanding problems of large systems in the context of lack of research focus on them.
April 25, 2013: Exceptional crashes: Article by Gustavo Niemeyer
Questions of error handling mechanics become quite interesting in the distributed setting.
April 21, 2013: The Language of the System: Talk by Rich Hickey of Datomic/Clojure
This talk highlights many of the same discrepancies—among programming environment, underlying system and application logic—that motivate the circuit.