A project by Petar Maymounkov.

History and changelog

April 22, 2013
The Go Circuit Project is forked at code.google.com/p/gocircuit with a dedicated website gocircuit.org. Open-source contribution process borrowed from golang, using the codereview system. Pre-compiled binaries for Apache Zookeeper and LevelDB for 64-bit Linux and Darwin are included for convenience. Local copies of launchpad.net/gozk and github.com/jmhodges/levigo are included in the circuit source tree. Documentation system utilizes a page compiler, based on Go templates. A new tutorial, Vena, demonstrates how to build a substitute for OpenTSDB using LevelDB and the circuit.
April 22, 2013
Tumblr, Inc. open-sources the circuit on github.com/tumblr/gocircuit under an Apache License. This repo contains some of the original git history of the project.