A project by Petar Maymounkov.

Contribution guidelines


The Go Circuit project uses the same code review process that contributors to the Go Language project are already familiar with. The documentation of the golang contribution process applies verbatim if one is to substitute references to $GOROOT with the local path to the circuit repository.

The contributor license agreements (CLA) are:

Usage tips

For a comprehesnive manual of the code review commands refer to the golang contribution guide. Here we list some random useful maneuvers that may not be mentioned there.

Create a changeset

hg change creates a new changeset file. By default, it will include all currently not commited changes in the working repo, unless they have been included in a previous, still-not-submitted local changeset.

List active changes

To see the list of changes that you have created but not yet submitted (or deleted), list the .hg/codereview directory of your local repo.

% ls -1 $GOCIRCUIT/.hg/codereview